14 days days semi silent Kashmir Shaivism Meditation Retreat


Why Kashmir Shaivism?Did you know that it is possible to transform all our experiences in daily life into liberating meditations.

The tantric trandition of Kashmir show us the way. Without intense effort in every moment entering the spiritual heart – the innate counsciousness.

Shiva trident

The Kashmir Shaivism teaching that is given will be practical and direct the meditator into a way of implementing its deep wisdom in daily life.

At the center of Kashmir Shaivism teaching is You. Contemplating your personal and normal experiences in life you are invited to enter into the underlying consciousness and energy that gives us our life experience. This is called entering the spiritual heart, or entering the Centre.

The teaching of Kashmir Shaivism has an unparalleled open approach to spirituality and meditation. The teaching can hold all spiritual traditions and modern contemporary teachings in its dynamic understanding and it gives the mediatator a map of all spiritual practices. All the different methods that are used by different traditions and teachers suddenly are seen in a bigger picture and their purpose and usefulness becomes clear.

This retreat is only for thos who have already recived teachings from me … If you are interested write me an email and we can find out if it is for you. Basu 

Basu Aryavrat
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
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