What is Kriya Hatha Yoga

    A complete Hatha Yoga System

    Kriya Hatha Yoga is a system of yoga that includes all the traditional techniques of hatha yoga (asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, Mudras etc).

    What makes Kriya Hatha Yoga stand out? is that the Hatha Yoga practices includes the essentials from Kriya Yoga Meditation (Awareness, breath balance and chakras). This makes Kriya Hatha Yoga more direct and meditative. The deep accomplishment of yoga manifest more efficiently.

    Get started – most of our retreats includes the initial level of Kriya Hatha Yoga, after that its possible to enter into a complete transmission of the full system.

    The full system – Is offered in a systematic way ordered in 5 levels

    • Level 1 : Primary series – Mainly asanas (offered in all entry retreats)
    • Level 2 : Secondary series – More challenging asanas and the first advanced Hatha yoga techniques are added as to elevate the prana.
    • Level 3 : Pranayama series – Pranayama techniques from the Hatha yoga tradition. Pranayama is fundamental in Yoga. We could say that its Yoga when the practice include pranayama. This level of practice is offered in 5 sublevels (only given when the student is ready)
    • Level 4 : Kundalini series 1 – Activation and deepening of the chakras. The energy flow between the chakras are developed. The advanced Hatha Yoga techniques are transmitted. This level of practice is offered in 3 sublevels (only given when the student is ready)
    • Level 5 : Kundalini series 2 – Maturing of the awakening energy – kundalini. Harmonising the interaction of consciousness, prana and all chakras with each other The peak techniques of Hatha Yoga is shared. The practice is offered in 2 sublevels (only given when the student is ready)

    How long does it take – If a student are having a daily practice it takes minimum 7 years to receive the full practice as it is an organic inner pranic development. What truly really matters is the spiritual development and this can not be measured in time as this is very individual

    Hatha Yoga should be combined with meditation (Kriya Yoga) : Hatha yoga is not a complete yoga practice in itself. It has to be combined with meditation as to be able to uproot samskaras (past impressions) combined with Kriya Yoga meditation makes it complete.