6 days Easter Kriya Yoga meditation retreat

‘Did you know that there is more to yoga than Asanas and Hatha Yoga? ‘

‘Do you know how a yogi meditate?’

‘Do you wish to have a verified spiritual meditation practice’

‘Kriya Yoga in the traditionen of Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and Yogananada’

Kriya Yoga is the inner yoga (meditation). 

By practicing Kriya Yoga you will attain deep inner silence. If you practice a bit every day you will slowly experience that your daily life is transforming. Where you before often ws caught in conflicts with your self and your fellow beings you will now experience a new inner peace that naturally and spontaneously find a harmonious access to your conflicts.

Kriya Yoga works like a medicine that slowly connect to our spirit. We return to a healthy, loving and strong life.

Basu will give you insight to a world of yoga that is normally not easy accessible.

Basu is a Kriya Acharya (this means he have attained an inner development that make him qualified in transmitting Kriya Yoga). He has deepened himself in yoga and meditation for over 20 years mainly in India.

The retreat will take place at Strandgården on the island Møn
Strandgården is the perfect place for a meditation retreat. Idyllic and beautifully in nature surroundings with charm, peace and atmosphere. The farm is surrounded be a park like garden and is next to the sea by Østersøen, by one of the best beaches on Møn, Raabylille Strand.

Basu Aryavrat
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
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