Movie 2021 : About Vippassana and Ajan Thanat Chindapon

    Ajan Thanat Chindapon is Basu’s vipassana teacher

    Basu was in 2000 introduced to vipassana in Wat Suan Mok by Ajan Pho in the Buddhadassa tradition and continued practicing in this tradition until in 2006 where he met his teachers Ajan Tong and Ajan Thanat from the Mahasi Sayadow tradition.

    Basu have offered mindfulness meditation for more than 2 decades and have a deep understanding in how to guide his students into life changing insights about how things truly are.

    Ajan Tong passed away 12 December 2019

    Ajan Thant passed away 31 March 2022

    This movie was filmed in Wat Chom Tong in Thailand in 2021

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